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Game jams are made for innovative prototypes like this one. <3 Games that include some kind of an Escher-esque concept are always neat, so I really enjoyed this one as well. :) That's why I had to write a little recommendation article about your game and also uploaded a short playthrough video of it. Especially one of the artifacts was kinda difficult to get... ;> Well done!

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Looks good at this point! I like the level design with the gravity tricks and all. Overall, the controls work well and it's fine to play.

If you think the game could be ready enough by October, you could enter into our Game Development World Championship!

So, I really like the concept behind this, funky music, surreal landscape, vibrant colors and crazy gravity, but, like my character more than once, it fell a little short. It definitely feels like a prototype and likely benefits from being named such. The landscape, while beautiful, lacked any visual depth which made platforming really difficult, and, though I didn't spend all that much time with it, if seemed like I needed to suicide in order to get back for another go each time, which was really strange to me. But I very well could have missed something. The gravity mechanics, though the transitions were a bit jarring, worked really well and definitely carried the game farther than I thought it'd go. For 72 hours, nice work!

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Thanks for playing! As far as the depth, you can left click to fire red beams from your eyes that will make a sound when hitting a wall, you can use these to work out confusing geometry. There is a way back from all of the Shards besides one.
"R" will move the player back to the last checkpoint, "G" with make the  player dance.
The area you thought you fell through the world, there was a gap in the platform there :P you needed to jump.
As you mentioned it is just a prototype and was made by one person in 72 hours, hope you have a play again in the future when the project is more fleshed out!
Oh did you talk to any of the NPCs?