Elden: Path of the Forgotten - Director's Cut

Elden: Path of the Forgotten - Director's Cut is now available on Itch.io! 


  • Twice as many weapons.
  • Cooldown based status effect Runes.
  • Merchant NPC.
  • Improved levels.
  • New / Improved enemies.
  • Translated world text (Region names, Items, Actions).
  • Improved bosses.
  • Improved combat (Hitboxes, Screen Shake and much more).
  • New sound design.

And much more. Elden: Path of the Forgotten Director's Cut touches every element of the game.


  • Updated to Unity 2019.4 - Better performance
  • New story beats in each region
  • Expanding Hub region with new zone
  • More variation to zones
  • Increased player speed
  • New tentacle spell sound effects
  • Reworked camera shake (disabled camera shake when the player deals damage to enemies, replaced with a time slow effect. Camera shake only happens when the player takes damage or for large world events. Camera shake motion was also completely reworked.)
  • Reworked melee hit collisions
  • Added new enemy - The lurker
  • Added direction change animation for wide enemies
  • Improved lighting
  • Improved enemy navigation
  • Added Interaction log
  • Added Item trading
  • Reworked HUD
  • Reworked dragon enemy
  • Reworked zone naming
  • Reworked roll iframes
  • Reworked footstep sound effect system
  • Weapons now have their own individual stamina costs
  • Weapons now have their own individual sound effects
  • Reworked damage type system
  • Critical attack sounds
  • New weapon - Ahrala's Daggers
  • New weapon - Farmer's Scythe
  • New weapon - Curse of the Ancients
  • Added burn effect
  • Added shock effect
  • Added Rune items
  • Added Cooldown items
  • Added Trapped explosive
  • Improved audio cue system
  • Improved AI / Gate interactions
  • Reworked threat system
  • Reworked Shadow caster AI
  • Balanced damage types
  • Fixed dragon farts
  • Added chain lightning
  • Reworked ranged combat
  • Added enemy retreating behaviour
  • Added time slow item
  • Added new abilities to Rocky Isle Boss
  • New and expanded sound design
  • Added item trading
  • Improved damage type and defence type system
  • Added thunder and lightning
  • Translated zone names and interaction text
  • Improved inventory navigation
  • Improved poison effect


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Mar 10, 2022

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Glad to see you are still working on the game! Keep up the good work!