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Really great atmosphere in this game, so peaceful. It's not everyday you see a management simulation with bees and I guess for the most part it works well. I guess you could always do more, but very nice for a jam game.

Our Game Development World Championship has a category for jam games, so you'd be very welcome to enter!


I love the illustrated graphics.

Check out all the flowers I grew! After a while the bees started running into the flowers and couldn't get to other flowers.

Thanks Altru!

Haha yeah that's one of the known issues, I didn't get time to add a max cap to the flower count on screen. That will be fixed in the next update along with some other improvements and added mechanics :) 

This has now been fixed, along with many other things!


This Game was a really relaxing experience, I really enjoyed the color scheme and brightness this game has. It's ironic considering the other game in my video was actually opposite visually. I found this very pleasing visually and musically. This is a very fresh experience I'd recommend playing during the morning because it is played with such ease. It does not take a terrible amount of focus, but all the same I enjoyed the color, the environment of nature, and the game as a whole. I'm not sure about the pink and blue flowers because I was not able to progress that far, however I can see if they are still in development. This was a very cool little game, I absolutely love the art style. Thank you so much for making this!

Thank you for playing! We loved your video, it was really nice seeing someone play the game so soon after the alpha release, your comments were lovely.

One part I think you were having an issue with was the nectar management, the more you move around the bees the less nectar they can collect, they need to be connected to a flower to be collecting nectar, if you fall into negative nectar levels your bees will start leaving your hive. Its not mentioned in the temporary tutorial screen and really should bee :P 

We will be continuing to improve and add to the game! Would love to hear your thoughts on a future build.

Thanks again,