A duel game, if you get hit you lose size, you can use eatables to regain size. The Ai follow the seem rules, first below a certain size dies. Hope you enjoy it in this early stage. Updates coming each week.

Made for Jamingtons Game Jam, a 48 hour jam hosted by us Onerat Games.

This game was an experiment in polish and programmatic art, the complete game is using only one sprite.

Made by @oneratdylan


W,A,S,D to Move.

Mouse to Aim.

Left Click to Shoot.

Space to Dash.

R to re-roll Colors.

Esc to Quit.

Note: Best played with an Xbox controller.

Join us at https://discord.gg/MbZVD3z

Update Log


- Added damage pulse.

- Made pick ups spawn over time.

- Balancing changes


- Added start of demo.

- Allowed aiming when moving.


- Added mouse support.

- Fixed bounds moving bug.


- Fixed Ai exploit. 


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I wasn't involved with this one so I can comment...

Animation and presentation was super neat.

Lack of regenerating health blobs makes it difficult to strategize.

Not being able to move in one direction and shoot in another is incredibly frustrating.

Still, pretty cool :D


I cant beat it! the F by default shoots down, I wish i could shoot with the mouse. I loved the color swap... and the movement felt fluid...was good = )

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:D yeah i need to redo the button bindings, they are pretty annoying atm. Plays better on controller.

Thanks for playing!!