✈️ Toybox Aviation Major Flight Update

Small airplaneWe have just released a major flight physic improvement and a new flight camera!

  • New flight camera.
  • Updated flight physics.
  • Added Rudder.

Early Access available now!



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Dec 19, 2020

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is it possible to please add some instructions? 

i can't get any wing surfaces to stand up vertically so they can be used as fins/tails. R just rotates them. 

is there a key to make they mirror the part so I can use them on left and right?



Hello, If you press Esc and pause the game, it has the controls in the upper left corner.
Ctrl + R lets you rotate an object upwards.
You also use Ctrl + R to flip the object.

Hope this helps and thanks for playing the game!

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thanks, and thank you for putting it in the ukraine bundle! works now. here is my 867.48 meter prototype, the AESIM (aerospace engineer spirals into madness). technically -800 meter distance as it did a 180 degree turn then spiraled out in the wrong direction.

"some instability is wanted in a fighter, as a plane that wants to turn will be more maneuverable." yup, here's a single canard on the right side of a forward mounted engine. 


Thats a lovely plane! Haha did the instability help the design?
Hopefully I'll get some time to update this project soon with some new mechanics and some balancing changes.

Any feedback or feature ideas are always helpful :)

thanks! yup, after the u turn it wanted to crash but the uneven design made it spiral, thus making it miss the ground for most of a kilometer. 

as for suggestions/bugs

-is it possible to make the parts resizeable(nothing drastic, i just want two cubes to fit one fuselage)

-45 degree angle rotation, got to make those x-wings and prove they can't fly

-i got the uneven design idea because i had an unattached fin that was too close to the plane and it counted as part of the model. the sim showed the plane spiraling with the fin unattached but connected by a blue line to the wing about half a wing length away(that bug got me 750 meters)

-make both left and right shift let you zoom, unless you got plans for right shift, like holding right shift "locks"  a dimension like left and right so the part only goes up and down